Our Goals

Sustainable Fast Fashion has six primary objectives:
1) Encourage consumer to frequent recommended companies
2) Encourage consumers to petition companies to become recommended
3) Have non-recommended companies change their environmental policies to become recommended
4) Encourage companies to disclose more environmentally and ethically related information
5) Encourage consumers to purchase clothing made with ethically and environmentally friendly materials
6) Encourage fashion companies to consider more sustainability-related factors in their daily operations and clothing production.
The metric will try to achieve these goals with two tactics in mind: simplicity and clarity. All of the mechanisms necessary for the six goals would be available through the website, whether it is to sign a petition to ask non-recommended companies to seek recommendation or to visit recommended website by clicking on our links. Companies would also be able to visit our “How To Become Recommended” page that lists our requirements for the type of information we want disclosed. Links for other goals will be available soon.