Comparative Analysis of Sustainability Ratings of Fashion Companies

I examined three different organization’s assessment of fast fashion companies. The organizations include Barcode: Behind the Bar, an organization dedicated to ending labor exploitation, Ethical Consumer, a website that ranks companies by their company policies, and Good Shopping Guide, a website that gives companies a score based off their criteria. The following provides more in […]

Comparative Analysis on Cosmetics Rating Systems

Skin Deep: Skin Deep offers a comprehensive rating guide for a variety of personal care products, including shampoo, lotion, sunscreen, etc. Consequently, while informative, the site can also appear overwhelming, especially as it includes advice articles and exposés in addition to the rating system. On the other hand, Skin Deep only rates cosmetics for their … Continue reading Comparative Analysis on Cosmetics Rating Systems

Comparison of Food Ratings

The fast food industry today is associated with a hoard of environmentally unsustainable practices including the sourcing of their produce, the fate of their packaging materials, and their consumption of energy—all leading to massive environmental footprints. So how are consumers expected to make the ‘right’ choice, or at least the ‘best’ choice when it comes … Continue reading Comparison of Food Ratings

Cleat Sustainability Ratings: A Comparative Analysis

During the Fall of 2015 at Davidson College, I took a class called the Politics of Information. In this class, I, along with my classmate Sean Vassar, was tasked with creating a sustainability metric for some industry or sector. We decided to rate the sustainability of soccer cleat production. Belown is the comparative analysis of the
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